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Energise to Release Electromagnet, Electro-Permanent Magnet, Electro-Permanent Solenoid

Electrical power in the solenoid is required to the turn the magnet OFF. Power is removed to restore the magnet to ON.

Pull force conversion (approximate):- 1kg = 10N = 2.2lb.

The outer shell of this energise to release electromagnet is a sturdy bright nickel plated cylinder, passivated with body mounting. They are designed for demanding clamping and release applications.

Typical applications include; Door locking mechanisms for access control or security, fire door holding, medical devices , feeder systems for automated packaging machinery, pick and place equipment and power generation.

High Quality Energise to Release ElectroMagnet

The Energise to Release Electromagnet is an electro-permanent concept – a solenoid (wound copper coil) within a high quality high permeability iron assembly for high clamping forces and low magnetic losses plus a magnet build into the assembly.

The iron cylinder of the energise to release electromagnet is of sturdy design with a bright nickel finish passivated with body mounting. Armature plates (keeper plates) exist to suit each energise to release electromagnet unit. It has one central tapped hole on the rear face. Depending on the size, the energise to release electromagnet has two styles of electrical connection: Hirschman connectors and Hirschman style connectors.

The energise to release electromagnet has, depending on the size, two supply voltages:- 24V dc and 240V ac. It also has a Duty Cycle of S2. The energise to release electromagnet has an IP rating of 54.

The energise to release electromagnets have maximum possible pull force ratings from 285N up to 471N (28kg to 47kg) depending on the size of unit (the actual pull achieved will depend on the application).

Product Number Current (mA) Weight (g) Dia. D (mm) L W D1 B (mm) Connector D1 (in) D (mm)
M52177/240VA 50 354 35 Hirschman M5
M52177/24VDC 240 352 35 48 78 M5 50 Hirschman style M5 35
M52178/240VA 40 880 50 63 97 M5 50 Hirschman M5 50
M52178/24VDC 350 874 50 63 94 M5 50 Hirschman Style M5 50

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M52177/240VA, M52177/24VDC, M52178/240VA, M52178/24VDC

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